Road Traffic Accidents

If you have had a road traffic accident, Brodie & Company have a superb personal injury team in order to guide you through the process of making a claim for compensation.


We act for drivers and passengers of both taxis and privately owned vehicles as well as buses. We also deal with claims for cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.


The Process

Claims are initially made via the Ministry of Justice Claims Portal. The insurers must accept responsibility for causing the collision or continue to make enquiries in relation to the claim. During this time, we will gather evidence in relation to your injuries. If the driver does not accept responsibility for the accident, we will go to Court.


Claims against drivers who drive without insurance or drive off from the scene of the accident with exchanging their details are brought via the Motor Insurers Bureau. They have slightly different procedure in terms of timescales. If you have been involved in a road collision and the other driver did not stop, we strongly recommend that you report the matter to the police.


We also advise that you seek medical attention as soon as possible as that medical professional will help begin the road to recovery.

We are an established niche law firm based in the heart of Manchester, close to the Civil Justice Centre.   We pride ourselves on our resolute, client-focused approach.   In an increasingly competitive market, our success is due to the strong and enduring relationships we have built with our clients, based on professionalism and total commitment.
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