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About our Legal Costs Services

Costs is a specialist area of law in its own right, requiring specialist input and never more following the Jackson reforms.   We are committed to providing cost-effective advisory, litigation and advocacy services of the highest standard to our clients in this fast-evolving area of law.  Whether you require advice on a discreet costs issue, or require solicitors to conduct costs proceedings on your behalf, we can help.

Our specialist solicitors deal with all aspects of costs litigation and have been involved in a number of high-profile cases.  Whilst we act for both paying and receiving parties, we do not accept instructions from Claimant personal injury firms.  As litigation solicitors, we have an insight into costs that most of our competitors simply cannot match.  Indeed, many who hold themselves out as ‘costs experts’ have little or no first-hand experience of conducting substantive litigation.  We deal with the full range of services that traditional costs draftsmen provide, as well as more unusual matters that go well beyond the remit of most of those who work in the field of costs.

We can work in a number of capacities.  We accept direct instructions from litigants and their insurers to deal with costs issues.  We undertake agency work for solicitors firms, particularly for high-value matters, cases with complicated conduct issues and advocacy work.  We are happy to accept instructions to mediate costs disputes and are regularly receive joint instructions from paying parties who are jointly and severally liable for an adverse costs order who wish to avoid any duplication of effort and save expense.  Some insurers prefer to outsource their negotiations work to costs consultants in un-litigated matters and we are happy to take over from them should negotiations fail and solicitors be required to conduct the costs proceedings.

We are always happy to discuss prospective instructions without obligation.

We are an established niche law firm based in the heart of Manchester, close to the Civil Justice Centre.   We pride ourselves on our resolute, client-focused approach.   In an increasingly competitive market, our success is due to the strong and enduring relationships we have built with our clients, based on professionalism and total commitment.
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