Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney enables you to give someone you trust the ability to take important decisions affecting you and also deal with your finances and property when you can no longer do so. At the time of making these powers, you are in control of how much responsibility you give and what decisions you allow to be made.


The Process

There are two types of Powers of Attorney: financial affairs as well as health and welfare. We value the fact that you fully understand the process registering powers of attorney with the Office of Public Guardian. We will arrange an appointment so we can sit down with us to discuss your requirements and preferences relating to the decisions you want to make, those you let your attorneys make on your behalf and the safeguards you want in place. We will then formally prepare the powers of attorney and arrange for them to be validly signed upon which, we will apply for them to registered.


We will handle this process sensitively and tailor our advice with respect to your views in stress free approach.

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