Accidents In A Company Premises

A company is obliged to keep their premises in such a state that you should not be at a risk of an injury. They should have procedures in place to show how that risk can be avoided or managed.

Examples of such accidents include: a person slips on a wet floor or something falls on you from a shop shelf causing an injury to the head.


The Process

We will submit a claim on your behalf to the insurers of the company concerned. We will gather evidence in respect of your injuries and financial losses following the accident whilst the insurers are making their enquiries. Depending on whether the insurers accept responsibility for the insured company, we will negotiate a settlement or go to Court.


If you have had accident in whilst visiting a company and suffered an injury, we will strive to get you compensation. Telephone us on 0161 829 3900 and discuss the matter with one of our specialist personal injury lawyers.

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