Fees For Personal Injury Claims

Fees For Our Work

Our fees are usually based on a Conditional Fee Agreement (or No Win No Fee Agreement) which is entered into at outset of the claim and will be subject to subject to a deduction from only the personal injury element of your compensation. This deduction is based on an individual appraisal of your particular claim, a typical deduction being no more than 25%.



These are usually recoverable from your opponents and will typically include your medical report of £216.00; engineers report of £150.00 and medical records of £50.00 (per provider).


Court Fees

In the event that we commence Court proceedings, we will be required to pay a fee. That fee varies from £105.00 to 5% of the value of the claim. The has capped their fees to £10,000.00. If you have no or a very small amount of savings, you receive certain benefits or on a low income, we will apply to the Court in order get a reduced fee may be applied.


Motor Insurers’ Bureau Untraced Drivers

Cases made pursuant to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau Untraced Drivers Agreement will be subject to a Contingency Fee Agreement involved fixed deduction of either £350.00 or 30% of the settlement received whichever is the greater plus disbursements (e.g. medical reports).


Occasions You Must Pay Our Costs & Your Opponents

There are very few instances when you will have to pay our costs and those of your opponent are limited to:

  • You have failed to co-operate with us.
  • You have failed reasonable legal advice.
  • The Court has ordered you to pay.
  • The Court has found you to be dishonest and has order you to pay costs.
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